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a_siteidontneed's Journal

24 May 1975
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i finally started a bloody LJ. satisfied?
absinthe, adult swim, alice in wonderland, andy warhol, argyle, arrested development, autograph hunting, bad religion, bad taste, barenjager, battle royale, being mean, bettie page, big bands, big lebowski, bondage, booze, british comedy, cannibals, cheepnis, chuck palahniuk, coen brothers, cool shoes, cult movies, danny elfman, dario argento, david bowie, devo, dr seuss, ed wood films, eels, electropop, fedoras, fetish, flight of the conchords, flogging, flogging molly, forbidden zone, frank zappa, futurama, geeks, george romero, glam, god lives underwater, gonzo, green fairy, harry potter, home of happiness, horror films, hot chip, human deformities, hunter s thompson, jack of hearts, jagermeister, john waters, jr "bob" dobbs, keith haring, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kilts, larry viezel, latex, licorice, losers, lovage, mannix, marquis de sade, mike patton, monkeys, movie snobs, mst3k, music snobs, neckties, nerds, new york dolls, nin, nip/tuck, obscure music, old time radio, orgazmo, pee wee herman, pennsic, pin ups, pinstripes, pirates, plaid, pop art, portishead, prince, psychobilly, punk rock, purple, quentin tarantino, ramones, red dwarf, redheads, ren faires, retro, rifftrax, rik mayall, robot chicken, rockabilly, rocky horror, roller derby, rubber, rum, schadenfreude, serial killers, shadowcasting, shock treatment, slack, social distortion, spork, stand up bass, star wars, steampunk, stella, subgenius, superstitions, tattoos, the adicts, the aquabats, the cure, the horrorpops, the misfits, the simpsons, the state, this space for rent, tim burton, trash, troma, vanilla, velvet, vinyl records, ween, weezer, weird nj, willy wonka, wingtips, woad, yellowbeard, young ones, zombies